God Is Who?

Who is this person ‘God’?

Is He a part of reality?

Or shall I say it’s a She?

Just for the sake of “gender equality”?

Does God even exist?

Or is He our imagination?

I wonder if ‘God’ is just a name,

A name; for false salvation.

If God was actually for real

Would He let his beloved worshipers die?

Let them be hunted by fanatical murderers

Who, in His name, make mankind cry?

If God is originally Mother Nature,

Aren’t we killing her life force?

The repercussions of our stupid actions

Will destroy the Earth; our source.

  Why is the Creator hidden from us?

Does He not want to meet his children?

Or perhaps, He’s ashamed of creating us;

Greedy, vicious beings called men.

Did the God create ‘religions’?

And ask us to fight over them all?

Is the unending slaughter of innocents

Truly God’s call?

I, for one, am convinced that He doesn’t exist.

For if He did, He’d love us each equally.

Not just the hypocrites, pretenders & impostors;

Who prove God is always beyond our reach.


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